Friday, February 25, 2011


This morning I got up at 5:15 to go work on the farm. It is too hot during the day to work so most of the work is done in the early morning or in the evening. Last year when I was here, I walked to the farm a few times but there was nothing planted. It was just an overgrown field. I went to the farm with Nana who is the orphanage secretary. The farm is about 1 acre and the orphanage rents the land. They have cabbage, and yams planted. The cabbage are almost ready to be harvested, and should be ready by the middle of next month. They will sell all the cabbage at market to make extra money for the orphanage. The yams will hopefully be ready in August and those will be used to feed the orphanage. Right now, the orphanage buys yams at market but they are very expensive. I weeded the cabbage that is almost ready to be picked for about an hour and was still back in the orphanage for bath time. I never knew that weeding could be so therapeutic, but it was so quiet and peaceful and no one else was around, except for lots of flies, and a few frogs. One was hiding under a cabbage leave, which surprised me a little. Next time I go to the farm, I will try to take some picture to include in the next blog post.

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  1. yeah.... get some pics! you have that camera make use for it! I used to weed my grandmas garden when i was young. And I actually didnt mind it either. It was a good outlet. I picture you wearing overalls like the ones I was wearing lol. Love you and be safe...dont touch the poisoness frogs!