Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back in Bawjiase

So I have arrived back in Bawjiase safe and sound! It is so great to be back here and I missed the kids sooo much. So much has changed around here since my last trip. For starters, we have a new volunteer house. It is a little bit farther away from the orphanage, but it is really nice. It is a lot bigger than our other house, and it has a bathroom inside, and ceiling fans were are AMAZING!! Still no running water, but I forgot how much I enjoyed taking a bucket bath. At the orphanage, the children have grown up so much. There is a lot more structure at the orphanage and the older kids are encouraged to be independent and take care of themselves, because they have to learn how to have these skills when they leave the orphanage.
There are 2 new children at the orphanage, Joe and Felix. They both came around Christmas time. Felix is older and he is really great with the younger kids. Joe is one of the younger boys and he is so sweet, but very quiet.
Yesterday we went to the new orphanage site. It is AMAZING!! They are in the process of constructing a roof and digging the well. The new building is so much bigger than the current orphanage. There are 3 rooms for boys and 3 rooms for girls, each with their own bathroom and shower area. There is a dining area, a staff room, a study room, a storage room, and Pastor's room. The kids are so excited to move it. They were also able to purchase the land behind the orphanage for sustainable projects such as raising goats and chickens for food for the orphanage. Hopefully this week I will take a walk out to see the farm and I want to see if I can work there a few days.
I am so glad to be back inBawjiase with all the children!!!


  1. chel! i'm glad you made it safely. and i'm glad you're writing a blog so i can keep up with all your adventures! i miss you! sounds like you are having so much fun already!:)

  2. Whens the next Blog coming? keep us posted!