Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Boy's Day Out"

Last Monday we had all of the boys over to the volunteer house. There are 16 boys but Jonas and Adolfo weren't back from school so there were only 14 at the house. They were all so excited that they were on their best behavior. I have never seen 14 children be so quiet before and listen so intently. We made telescopes out of toilet paper rolls and let them decorate them with tissue paper. Then we had them decorate plain paper and make paper airplanes. They were so involved in doing the projects and it was so cute how much concentration they put into it. The younger boys had a much shorter attention span and so it did not take them a long time to do everything but they were so excited to get to come to the volunteer house and get out of the orphanage. At the end, we gave them all toy whistles, and biscuits. Even though they were small prizes, they were so excited and were so grateful. They are still blowing the whistles at the orphanage.
On Saturday we went to the beach again. The kids had such a blast. They have asked everyday since if we can go to the beach again. Spencer and I were digging giant holes and burying them in the sand so only their heads were sticking out. They thought it was the funniest thing and none of them wanted to get out of the holes once they were buried. They were only get out once a wave came up and washed the sand away. Even some of the younger kids were are a little afraid of the water, like Agogo, wanted to be buried and wouldn't get out.
Kwashie, Akua, Kweku, and Barbara had a blast "bathing" me at the beach. They were using seaweed as the "sponges" and sand as "semena" (soap) and were bathing me, just like we bath them at the orphanage. It was really adorable to see them imitating what we do to them. Needless to say I was covered from head to toe in sand when we got home and brought home about 1 pound of sand in my bathing suit.
On Friday morning, we are organizing a field day for the kids since they are on vacation from school. We are going divide them in to 2 teams and do a bunch of relays and then get oranges and biscuits as a prize at the end. Here are some pictures from the "boy's day" and the beach!!


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