Monday, March 21, 2011


On Saturday we took all the kids to the beach and it was amazing!!! They all had so much fun. We rented a big tro-tro (bus) for the day for 100 cedis and all the volunteers, staff, and kids piled in. I think there were 37 of us in total. Lauren's parents are here visiting for the week so they came too, but they took a taxi because there was no more room. The sister's at the orphanage made a huge container of rice to eat for lunch for everyone. We got the beach around 9:30 and spent the ENTIRE day in the water. A few of the younger kids were scared of the water at first but they all ended up going in. The waves were HUGE and our kids were fearless!! They were all being hit by waves and laughing. The younger kids usually stayed close to shore and rolled around in the sand. Joe, age 4, LOVED the water. I would hold him and go out into the waves and they would be hitting us and he would laugh and didn't want to get out. Mishack, age 2, who is the younget kid at the orphanage was a fish. He spent the whole day in the water. He wasn't scared of the waves at all and laughed when the water hit him in the face. Vlad rented a board from a little shop and so all the older kids were taking turns riding the waves into shore. Some them would get hit by the waves and get thrown off the board, but they will were having a blast.
All of the volunteers got really bad sunburn. We can't be out in the sun like all the children and even though we kept reapplying sunscreen, we all got really burned, especially since we were in the water all day so the sunscreen kept washing off. Even with the sunburn, it was well worth it. We were all exhausted when we got back home and we all slept really well Saturday night. In about a month, we are going to try and take the kids back to the beach, because it is only about an hour away, and they enjoyed it so much! Me, I am excited!!!!!!!

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  1. Chels! I'm planning on coming in late may or early June. As soon as school is over and I can get everything together. I just tried calling the 2 numbers for Pastor and the one for Bernard twice (the #'s from the volunteer document through the United Hearts site) and no one picked up. Could you please please please send me your # via facebook or e-mail.
    can't wait to talk to you!